About us

Orwell Boats LTD has been on the market for over 15 years and has got an experience at boats building. We build boats for many purposes and for a great variety of truly unique people who will all use their boats in different ways. When choosing your boat it is important to consider carefully how, where and by whom it will be used. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and are there to help you choose the best options for your special purpose. From our side we always make every effort so that the client was fully satisfied with the quality of our services. Our business is built on high quality services, so we look forward to you custom.

We build the boats from the base.
We can build you a boat specifically for a single purpose eg. Racing or Cruising or we can tailor your boat to meet the needs of multiple purpose use. We offer the boats from 5m to 12m lenght and it usually takes from 1 week for the shortest to roughly 3 months for the longest.
Our services include:

  • complete boat building and furnishing;
  • grp lamination;
  • woodworking;
  • fiberglass repairs and finishings;
  • maintenance engineering;
  • vacuum infusion